and here I am,

trying to write my first paragraph…

I spent a beautiful Christmas back home in San Francisco, it was loud, intense, filled with love and emotions, family. It was my life..

And I said bye again… here I am in Bahia de Caraquez, back to Ecuador, to this small beautiful and destroyed town.

The 2 days of travels were actually a bit harsh on me. I was very tired, I was reminded once again of how much I love my life in SF, and definitely was not able to concentrate my energy in positive attitude. I felt like I didn’t want to go back, I felt like I wanted to stay in my safe and beautiful Home were everyone is there for me. I felt like I was leaving again and didn’t have the energy to do it this time.. but, I also repeated to my self, again and again, the whole trip, hat I knew I WAS TIRED.

And Guess what. HA! I was right. First day I got here, the magic just got right back!!!

I was concentrating way to much on people that were trying to transform me in negative as them, but I had the fortune of meeting Hazel (The beautiful nicaraguan woman that rents out apartments in Bahia) on my first day which just put me right back on track!

If you are positive you will ALWAYS attract positive people. And you will have positive experiences!! SO TRUE!

So I am not going back to Planet Drum Ecuador’s project but I am starting and cooperating, as Planet Drum San Francisco, with a bunch of other projects actually active in the town.

I thought I wanted to come here because of our reforestation project, but the truth is I wanted to come here because of the love that Peter Berg had, and transmitted so much, for this town, and I feel it too, so it doesn’t matter who I volunteer with. I want to bring some hope. I want to make a little difference for them, in their every day life, like they are doing for me.




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