I did not sleep very well tonight.

I woke up after not enough hours, it was still raining, the breeze was a plus but the grey light was disturbing me a little.

I opened facebook and inauguration day live started my day.

well, not a plus on this grey, rainy gloomy morning.

At first, probably due to my lack of sleep, I felt scared, sad, betrayed and a bit lost. I started following the live speech (I guess I am a bit masochist) and I was more and more amazed of what I was hearing, nothing was making sense.. I don’t want to hide it. I am not happy to have to call Mr. Donald Trump my president. I will never feel like he can represent me, I will never respect him as a human being. But we lost these election and it’s time that we understand that.

I remember being super disgusted at what Trump said when they asked him what he would have done if he had lost. I remember thinking: “Oh my god, this men is just a childish ignorant.” It is important to lose and continue to play, get over it, do better. Guess what?!? for us as well, yes this racist bully is scary but we still can be our best in our everyday lives. Actually now we have a good reason to do more. Minorities will need more help and protection and now it’s our turn, we know the government will not be there for them for at least 4 years.

It is our responsibility now, of each one of us, to make this world great again.

Starting from right now, and each day, little things, pass the favor, pass love, pass forgiveness.

My first thought if I meet someone that voted for Trump is obviously WTF: he is racist, childish, a cheater, untrue, narcissist and sexist… WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? WHO ARE YOU???????

But somebody has to end this division. UNITED states of America, what is done is done, now let’s do better..

And do you know how I got my positive vibes back?

I was reading all these comments on one of the “live facebook chats videos”, or what ever thei are called, and everyone was despairing like me… It’s raining here, it’s raining in San Francisco, everyone was grey and sad and mad… and probably tired why not..But then someone posted a happy face and a heart, and, she made it very clear, not because she was happy but because that was what we needed: a smile and some love, and the chat started changing, we all understood immediately that she was true. Being in a bad mood or sad never helped no one. Positive attitude can change the world. One person starts it and it is contagious, like a laughter. and then it’s a family, and a town, and a state…

let s be that one smily face.

Fired up! Ready to go!


5 thoughts on “Fired up! Ready to go!

  1. Thanks for the beautiful, personal and positive message. I am full of pride for the part I have played in bringing you into this world and gratitude for what you have done / are doing with your gifts. May your generosity continue to infect those around you!

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