Hate people’s hate

Oh good… so tone of the guys that lived with ‘my family’ got arrested last night because he didn’t t have enough money to pay his baby mama and she called the police on him… he will have to stay in prison for a month. Tomorrow it s his daughter’s birthday (ex is not very elegant for calling the cops on him right before the daughter’s birthday). He was getting super exited and trying to save up some money to buy her a big birthday cake with her name on. Now not only she will have no cake, but also she will have no Dad at her birthday. 
This guy lost his shop during the earthquake, left his house to his ex and daughter and moved in a tent with an other family that had some space and huge hearts. He learned how to be a fisherman and that is what he is doing; has no money, like most of the people in that community, we didn’t have a bathroom, a shower nor running water. We just got a roof up last week.
How is sending him to prison any good for any one? He will not be making lots of money from there for sure..screen-shot-2017-01-27-at-4-41-21-pm
Also I went to see him in prison. It was not a fun place to be.

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