I want to start by telling you why I will be using the words that I will be using today.               I always tried not to use the words “THEM” and “US” . In an ideal world it should be WE the PEOPLE! But this last week really convinced me that today “them” is a strong reality. “Them” never as people that voted someone different, but as the political class. Today more than ever we have to be united, we have to realize that there is no “them” and “us” in between people, that is what “they” want us to think.


I was reading posts on my facebook wall…. and wow!!!!! every day we have just one more piece of information on the same fact.

Today let’s all concentrate and get angry and protest for one fact and tomorrow let’s all realize that they wanted us to concentrate on that fact so that we would not notice what else was going on.

Today let’s all delite Uber and tomorrow let’s all realize that Uber isn’t worse than all the other companies.

We have bits of information here and there, from the media, from facebook, from twitter. We never have the whole story, and most of the times people are using parts of a true story to make us think in a certain way.. Just think of any youtube video, take the final part away, or the begin of it, and you will probably have a total different opinion on what is happening and who the ‘bad guy’ is.

I guess all I am trying to say is that “they” are making it very difficult for “us” to get to the truth nowadays. Never more than today We all need to start researching and not stopping and believing the first thing we read even if it comes from a source that we trust.

Sorry nowadays generation… that’s what we have to deal with..



3 thoughts on “Information nowadays

  1. Well said. It is important to keep in mind that every communication has an intent, and it is not always (or usually) simply that of providing information to consider.

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