screen-shot-2017-01-30-at-5-29-57-pmDo you know what is more annoying than being eaten alive from mosquitos?  Being eaten alive and living with an ecologist who is studying and researching mosquito’s disease…

It’s like : ‘Oh, another bite? You know what that could be, right?’

Thank you for the friendly reminder…

Anyways. It’s rainy season here and hot as hell, I am getting eaten alive, and I started  researching what could help:

  1. Use natural repellents…. I have everything from Eucaliptos, palo santo, lemon, sage.. check
  2. Use repellent…. check
  3. Wear long sleeves and pants…. check, even though it’s 85 degrees under the shade
  4. Sleep with a mosquitos net…. check
  5. Avoid parts of the world where the mosquitos are common…. For real????
  6. Avoid standing water…. Right…well, it is rainy season and that is definitely all I have to say on this #6 step. You try!
  7. Avoid mosquito season…. too late for that!!
  8. Avoid getting too hot…. But you just told me to wear long sleeves and long pants in freaking Ecuador!

Last but not least….

9.Use a mosquito swatter or trap them in a cup…. I am done reading by now…….

I guess was not the most accurate website to search informations from, but then I also find this:

“When mosquitoes sting us, what they pretend is to absorb the proteins that are in our blood. In this sense, studies have found that people who belong to the blood group O, are more prone to be bitten by mosquitoes , because precisely in this type of blood is where are the proteins most preferred by mosquitoes. A person belonging to blood group O has twice the chance of attracting mosquitoes compared to a person of blood group A. For people of blood group B, the risk of stinging is intermediate.” (from

At that point I called my mom asking my blood type, she, of course, had a panic attack thinking that I needed a blood infusion and I was dying, and,after reassuring her explaining that I did not have an accident I was only being eaten alive from mosquitos, told me that I was……..

Yes O + .. Nothing I can do..


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