These pictures come from my last day volunteering for the amazing clinic of Walking Palms.

I will share with you all the pictures, but before I wanted to thanks this amazing people for being part of my trip, for opening my eyes and teaching me so much.

I thank Avriel Rose Diaz for her energy, for starting this project, for all the sacrifices she made and still is making, and all the risks she is taking for this project. I saw her passion in the 4 months I lived with her and it is contagious!!!! Her happiness is almost unreal. She is the one that keeps everyone stuck in Bahia, for sure!!!  IMG_2773

Then thanks to David Madden, the nurse, yoga instructor and friend. He, with Avriel, is .the starter of this project (him on the left). Impossible not to be in a good mood around him, his positive way of looking at life was inspiring, even in the most critic moments he was the one keeping calm, never got annoyed to any one, always understanding everyone’s necessities.

An other huge thanks goes to all the volunteers that worked together to make this possible and fun.

To volunteer as a photographer for them was not only fun and inspiring but also a learning experience, there are so many things we don’t know about the people that we encounter in our path that we should remember to stop and analyze every possible angle before we let our mind judge. A lot of times I forget that the person that is making me angry has a family, has problems and probably has a harder time than me in general. It’ s easy, especially here, to get very annoyed at people for their behaviour. More difficult is to step back and realize what is causing that behaviour. With this I am absolutely not saying that we should not get mad or offended, but we should give them the tools to learn. Some people are just cold and ignorant inside and there is not much we can do about that, we can find them everywhere, all over the planet, but here there are a lot of people that just don’t know any better: they don’t know that cat calling is super offensive, that a line is a place where everyone waits for his turn, that you don’t talk on the phone during a movie or that using the honk of your car every half second is not necessarily nice for everyone else. Talking with one of the person from the little community I realized they didn’t even know that plastic never decompose..!!!!! This lady thought it was exactly like paper but more resistant.

What Walking Palms is doing is amazing. They don’t only try to fix the symptoms, they try to fix the whole problem by educating the communities to eat better, be healthier, be careful and aware of diseases and treat their piece of earth a little bit better.

One more thanks to all the doctors and psychologist that came to volunteer. Looking at them working one day after the other, one person after the other made me realize that no matter how much you helped today there will be more help needed tomorrow. You can’t help every one, and you should always be proud of yourself and feel happy when you can help some one, but don’t stop.

There is always need.


2 thoughts on “last clinic day

  1. a mother always thinks that she taught most of the important stuff to her daughter since she was born…and then her daughter leaves and learns so much from others than the mother doesn’ t even know …and the daughter now can teach to her mother all these things…the circle of life is just beautiful ❤ thanks Julia !

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