Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu was intense, what I will remember better will be STAIRS..WP_20170416_089.jpg

Stairs every where, going down, going up… damn how many stairs…

What amazed me the most of Machu Picchu? of course, the history behind it, it was not discovered for the longest time, that is why it so perfectly preserved… but for me, it was a challenge, I am not a hiker, nor a walker in any way… But when I got there I decided to climb everything I could… and in the middle of all the stairs I always thought that maybe I could just go back, because it was a bit too much for me.. but I never did, and climbed till the highest top. I decide that moment that I was not going to stop. hiking, traveling, learning….. living…

that was Machu Picchu for me… discovery… that you can do what ever you want, if you really want it..WP_20170416_040


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