two lives two hearts

I have been back for 3 months now.                                                                                         Finally got my own bedroom, got back to normal city life, working 2/3 jobs, not sleeping probably enough, always something to do.  I don’t know how people find balance in general, I found it deciding to live 2 lives, half of the year travelling, resting and curing my self and learning from other cultures and half of the year working, making bank and learning from my friends. I find it perfect, and one half could not exist without the other half.




Gipsy heart

Gipsy heart

I want you all to try to remember that one time when you felt so happy you literally wanted to cry, when you felt that feeling of just pure joy ..that you don’t know where to fit it all, that you feel like you are exploding, that you want to tell the whole world what you just discovered: that life is amazing, the world is a masterpiece and people are magicians that cast love spells.

Traveling is incredible. I feel another person. I feel free, strong, everything is really possible, you start thinking outside the box for real, you don’t have to worry about paying bills, going to a job you don’t like, doing things you don’t want to do..and it’s all possible. Someone that I just met and changed my life, probably for ever, told me that where there is ‘want’ there will be ‘will’ (translating from other languages it doesn’t sound so great but you understand the sense). You CAN do anything you WANT with your life, and if you understand that, you WILL.

I met people that saw in me what I was not quite ready to see. I was scared because the world tells us that we need a house, a job, a family..stability… and you can’t get all that while you travel…. but I never felt as stable as right now.. with nothing. It’s a completely new feeling and I love it. ‘No plans’ sometimes is the best plan. And thank you for giving me the strength to trust myself to the point of pursuing this. In your deep eyes I saw it..


I started pushing myself  beyond what I thought I could do, even with hiking, just one more step, one more stair. Guess what, one more step, only one and one more, and you get to the top of the mountain.


And on the top of the mountain I found myself, and when you find yourself, you find love.IMG_3025



Traveling=Burning Man

Traveling=Burning Man

This is my day thought.

Traveling is like being at Burning man..

You are out of your comfort zone, you are putting yourself in an awkward place. You are meeting new people with different points of view and you are trying to connect with them.

You don’t wanna loose any time because you only have that much time, no useless conversations, if someone is not appealing than you just say good bye.

You learn how to say no, I am not interested!! but you always give people at least half an hour of possible conversation to give them a chance to express themselves.

You meet people that are amazing and that are experiencing the same hunger of knowledge that you are experiencing.

You are pushed to be the best you can and the most independent you can, every day.

When you are in trouble you usually meet people that can help you solve your problems, Playa provides = world provides.

There is no stranger when you are traveling, we are all travelers.

You have to have your shit together and you can be your total self and start new every time you move.

If you are a good traveler you know how to make a place better than you found it.

You always try to participate in the local things to feel part of something.

Traveling as going to Burning Man opens up your heart, your mind and your soul. It’s beautiful while you are experiencing it and it can be a bit sad when it ends, but getting to your every day’s life with the new energy is just as amazing as being around the world because you can spread the love and the new energy with you people, your home.



The story of how you can make it

The story of how you can make it

Today I want to tell you the story of an amazing woman.


Her name is Leonella Lucas, she is 16 years old, she graduated from High School yesterday. She is the first one in her family that will be attending University and that will leave Bahia de Caraquez, and she is a woman.

This girl, has been living in a bamboo house, built by volunteers after the earthquake, she has a mentally and physically disabled brother that can’t be left alone, a completely blind grandmother and a younger sister.

She helps Laura, her mom, in taking care of the house, washing and feeding her brother and grandma, and helping her sister with homework. They don’t have a washing machine or a dishwasher, in fact they don’t even have current water. In all of this she found the patience to study very hardly and not let her peers distract her from her goal, always with a smile. I remember having one of my first conversation with her and talking about studying and going out and just trying to get to know each other. She looked at me and said:

I don’t care about going out, I don’t want to live here all my life, I want to travel and go and see all the volunteers that I met that came here and helped us, I don’t want to have a baby or get married like all my friends are doing. I really want to study and help Mother Earth get better, because it looks like she’s F****d up (sorry, her words).

That is Leonella, curious, intelligent, beautiful, hard worker and brave. Her mother supported her in everything, always, 100% and will continue to but has no monetary resources. Leonella made it, she got a scholarship and she will be moving to Machala, in July, to study environmental biology. Leonella worked hard because she wanted to be happy. She made it because she wanted to.

I learned a lot from her. I think she is a great example for all of us.

And as my uncle would say:

Work hard to Party hard!


screen-shot-2017-01-30-at-5-29-57-pmDo you know what is more annoying than being eaten alive from mosquitos?  Being eaten alive and living with an ecologist who is studying and researching mosquito’s disease…

It’s like : ‘Oh, another bite? You know what that could be, right?’

Thank you for the friendly reminder…

Anyways. It’s rainy season here and hot as hell, I am getting eaten alive, and I started  researching what could help:

  1. Use natural repellents…. I have everything from Eucaliptos, palo santo, lemon, sage.. check
  2. Use repellent…. check
  3. Wear long sleeves and pants…. check, even though it’s 85 degrees under the shade
  4. Sleep with a mosquitos net…. check
  5. Avoid parts of the world where the mosquitos are common…. For real????
  6. Avoid standing water…. Right…well, it is rainy season and that is definitely all I have to say on this #6 step. You try!
  7. Avoid mosquito season…. too late for that!!
  8. Avoid getting too hot…. But you just told me to wear long sleeves and long pants in freaking Ecuador!

Last but not least….

9.Use a mosquito swatter or trap them in a cup…. I am done reading by now…….

I guess was not the most accurate website to search informations from, but then I also find this:

“When mosquitoes sting us, what they pretend is to absorb the proteins that are in our blood. In this sense, studies have found that people who belong to the blood group O, are more prone to be bitten by mosquitoes , because precisely in this type of blood is where are the proteins most preferred by mosquitoes. A person belonging to blood group O has twice the chance of attracting mosquitoes compared to a person of blood group A. For people of blood group B, the risk of stinging is intermediate.” (from

At that point I called my mom asking my blood type, she, of course, had a panic attack thinking that I needed a blood infusion and I was dying, and,after reassuring her explaining that I did not have an accident I was only being eaten alive from mosquitos, told me that I was……..

Yes O + .. Nothing I can do..

Hate people’s hate

Oh good… so tone of the guys that lived with ‘my family’ got arrested last night because he didn’t t have enough money to pay his baby mama and she called the police on him… he will have to stay in prison for a month. Tomorrow it s his daughter’s birthday (ex is not very elegant for calling the cops on him right before the daughter’s birthday). He was getting super exited and trying to save up some money to buy her a big birthday cake with her name on. Now not only she will have no cake, but also she will have no Dad at her birthday. 
This guy lost his shop during the earthquake, left his house to his ex and daughter and moved in a tent with an other family that had some space and huge hearts. He learned how to be a fisherman and that is what he is doing; has no money, like most of the people in that community, we didn’t have a bathroom, a shower nor running water. We just got a roof up last week.
How is sending him to prison any good for any one? He will not be making lots of money from there for sure..screen-shot-2017-01-27-at-4-41-21-pm
Also I went to see him in prison. It was not a fun place to be.